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Donkeys At Windchimes Farm

James & Lisa Fergason-- Sanger, Texas


Some of our Jennets at Windchimes Farm - we don't have a "bunch" of donkeys - we have a handpicked selection of jennets and jacks with a history of show ring excellence and producers of quality donkeys that ride and drive, are highly trainable, are athletic and stay sound. We keep the numbers to a level that is manageable for us - as we enjoy the interaction, training, care and attention with each animal on a daily basis. Our goal is quality, not quantity!


"Windchimes Farm Little Miss Sunshine" is an 56" Gray Jennet. We love her square, balanced conformation with good bone that is not coarse. We feel like this type of conformation holds up best to the requirements of a performance donkey. Dam of our young Jack "Silver City" who is sired by "Amarillo Slim". Super friendly and smart...took to her under saddle training as if she was already broke and also is a quiet driving animal.


"Windchimes Farm Bella" (beautiful) is the prettiest jennet I've ever seen. Beautiful, big doe-eyed, feminine head. Perfect neck length, strong top line, wide-hipped... she is a great Mammoth Jackstock jenny! We feel honored to have here at Windchimes Farm. Deep red Bay color...she is very sweet and willing. Great under saddle - very forward, we intend to add driving as soon as possible.


"Windchimes Farm Hula Girl" is super smooth quality Jennet, granddaughter of "Cactus Black Jack", bred by Jack Siemon, Ohio. She has the big round hip that we are all breeding for in jackstock...strong over the back and loins, plus she's pretty headed. Great trailriding donkey...crosses water, brush and is fun to ride. She is currently 56" tall and I estimate she will mature at 57" or 58".


" Windchimes Farm Buffalo Gal" 60" dark grey jennet - we started her under saddle as a 2yo, rode her lightly. We are waiting for her to mature a little more to finish her training and add driving. She will join our show string when she is ready. We have two younger sisters to her, they are all three like peas in a pod...same color, conformation and disposition - you're getting somewhere in your breeding program when you can anticipate the result of a particular jack/jennet cross.


"Windchimes Farm Mabelline" is a beautiful feminine Jennet by NASMA "Face It I'm Sexy". Like her sire, she is forward and energetic, but calm and good-minded. People oriented, she also has been used under saddle and loves!!! pulling the cart. 56" tall, she is a rose dun.


"Windchimes Farm Mama Simba" is a beautiful representative of the American Mammoth Jackstock Donkey.  Coal black with white points, she is good-bodied with lots of bone, big ears that tip, a majestic head and a loving personality.


"Windchimes Farm Auntie Em" - the oldest jennet from our herd...an own daughter of "Cactus Black Jack" - Bishop Mule Days World Champion and an ADMS National Champion Model Jack - currently bred to "Silverado", our grey silver son of "Amarillo Slim" for an '09 foal. She is of the older style mammoth jackstock...a little more angular but she does not have the big knees and hocks. This jennet is built square and is quite an active girl and has stayed sound all these years. She's 56" tall and crosses well on our finer, smoother jacks.

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