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Donkeys At Windchimes Farm

James & Lisa Fergason-- Sanger, Texas



SOLD, thanks for your interest. You will be hard pressed to find a saddle donkey of this size with this much training!


You don't find many saddle donkeys of this size..."Diesel" is a really sweet, grey donkey gelding that rides. He's huge! But he's sound. Many inbred, heavy mammoth donkeys don't make it as riders! They don't have sound conformation. But Diesel is a good easygoing ride...giant ears...what a buddy! Neat color...you'll be noticed riding this one!

You can look for years, all across the country, to find a saddle donkey of this size. He has good withers and holds a regular saddle well. He's fine to put in the pasture with other donkeys, mules and horses. Used to dogs and Watusi cattle.Though Diesel is sold, we are working on the logistics of a video link. Diesel is very well trained and we'd love for you to see what a good donkey can do.


Standing on a Bridge Obstacle.


Using this big strong donkey "Diesel" to pony a young mule.


Neat trick...but practical too. "Diesel" is taught to stretch out so that he's lower and easier to get on. His cue to stretch out is tapping on the saddle, to help him, you use your foot to tap/push against his left front pastern, when he steps forward a bit, then ask the right front foot to move forward, when he moves it a little bit, ask the left again, then the right until he is stretched out like this.

Donkeys SOLD

Deputy Dawg - Sold

Diesel - Sold


Donkey Training

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FABULOUS '09 Jenny

"Dallas Cowboy" Jack