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Donkeys At Windchimes Farm

James & Lisa Fergason-- Sanger, Texas



Jenny - RIDES & DRIVES ............

FOR SALE "Pink Cadillac"

3yo 14+ hand jenny - Rose Dun color W/flashy blaze on her face. "Pink Cadillac" really loves being worked with (she stands at the gate waiting for you to come get her). Very feminine and attractive. Will make a top show animal. Has about 4 months of professional training. She will probably grow another inch or so and fill out more. Would be a quality brood jenny, as pretty and correct as she is.


What a picture of a calm, easygoing animal! Isn't this the type of ride you are looking for?

Quality well-trained Saddle donkeys are not easy to find... I couldn't be happier with them for someone looking for a quiet, easygoing equine that makes a great companion that you can ride or drive. We offer some good ones that we have enjoyed spending time with and that we feel are ready to go on to good homes.


***I do think that saddle donkeys are an excellent choice for us babyboomers. Donkeys are thinkers...they are not "bolters" like horses and mules. If they do get scared and run, it is probably at a fast walk or a slow trot...for about 10 foot. Not 100' at a dead run like a horse or mule. They have so much personality - they are more like a big dog and companion than as just a riding animal. They don't move their feet as much or as fast...if you are catching them, grooming, saddling, etc., it seems like they are usually "feet of stone",they don't fidget around like horses can do.

If you want to run barrels, compete in the Extreme Cowboy Races or perform a flying lead change in a Dressage competition, then you need a horse that is specifically bred for that type of event. If you love equines and want a buddy, friend, quiet riding companion to enjoy the trails with, then I think you should consider a donkey.***


Here is a striking jenny - with proven bloodlines - that RIDES & DRIVES !!! Priced at $6500.


She took quickly to her cart training under harness...has already been driving down the road with traffic! She is very willing in harness and loves pulling the cart. She's too much fun!

Pink Cadillac stands still for grooming, saddling, mounting, etc. She loads in the trailer great. Has been hauled, not spooky. Her dam was a Spotted Donkey & she is by a Black with white points Mammoth Jack "Face It I'm Sexy" - multiple champion winning jack who was a standout in halter & excelled in performance classes.


January 07 Trailride at Mineral Wells State Park - when we got to the top of this mountain, this sign says "CAUTION Steep Hill - Horsebackriders and Cyclists dismount"


Non-donkey riders were afraid to go up the steep, rocky trail. This athletic jenny carried me up to the top just fine!

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