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Donkeys At Windchimes Farm

James & Lisa Fergason-- Sanger, Texas




We have been involved in the Donkey and Mule industry since 1978. We have seen with our own eyes--by visiting personally with the owners/breeders of Jackstock and attended the major shows to to see firsthand which animals educate ourself on the great Mammoth Jackstock bloodlines over the past thirty years. We have firsthand knowledge of these past and current animals and their bloodlines. We know which ones work well with our program of breeding for a performance type donkey that is highly trainable, is athletic and stays sound.

Our jennies have a smooth balanced conformation and sweet dispositions.  Our preference for mammothstock donkeys, especially breeding stock, is to stay within the 54-58" range.

After years of observing other programs of breeding mammothstock, we have found that we prefer the conformation, athletic ability and a propensity to stay sound of these mid-size donkeys.  We have noticed once you get over the 15 hand range, for the most part, the mammoth donkeys are a little too coarse (big knees, big hocks, etc.), a little too sluggish and have a problem keeping good legs under them--that's what we've noticed - I know there are other breeders who are striving for the 15 hand plus range..."bigger is better" mentality...I'm sure they are happy with their results though they may not be using their mammothstock donkeys for performance animals.   Donkeys are long-lived...we know our customers are buying their saddle donkey to enjoy for a lifetime...and want it to stay sound.

We have a small handpicked herd of Mammothstock Jennets for our breeding program. They are daughers and granddaughers of:


"Amarillo Slim" 1985 Bishop Mule Days World Champion Jack, 1986 Houston Livestock Show Model Donkey (see more about him on webpage link above left)


"Dallas Cowboy" Our Jr. sire, a son of Amarillo Slim (see more about him on webpage link above left)

"Advantage" (Czechsin Breeding) Our good grey jack that sired many of our great saddle mules with extremely calm dispositions and good bone and foot.


"Big and Rich" Up and coming sire by Amarillo Slim - Black with white points, two mule foals on the ground as of 6/08


"Rich's Redman" 1983 Bishop Mule Days World Champion Jack, Grand Champion Halter Donkey, extreme Performance Donkey, competed with mules in many performance classes (deceased)


We have a beautiful daughter of Face It I'm Sexy, a jenny bred to him for an '09 foal...and a tall leggy young Jack that is an own son...we are thrilled with the temperament, forwardness, athletic ability and trainability of this good black mammoth jack!

"Face It I'm Sexy" - Wins in Halter, Pleasure, Trail,
Speed Events and Driving
Highlights include:
2002 All Star Mule&Donkey Congress Res Champion Perf Donkey
2002 Southwestern Donkey & Mule Society - Year end
Reserve Champion Green Donkey
2002 NASMA Year End - Champion Driving Donkey,
Champion Western Performance Donkey & Champion
All Around Donkey. Earned his ROM.
2003 NASMA World Show - Rserve World Champion
Donkeymanship, Rserve World Champion Donkey
Western Pleasure

"Cactus Black Jack" Bishop Mule Days World Champion Jack, Sire of Multiple Grand Champion Halter Mule and High Seller 1979 Fort Worth Stock Show Mule Sale (deceased)

Ranger Redneck" Red Mammoth Jack, sire of wonderful nice-minded mules, including many topnotch performance mules including "Rangerette" (deceased)

We have some nice jacks with proven breeding, performance and show records...but I think the strength of any breeding program lies in the jennies. We have spent a lot of time and put a lot of miles on the truck to try to find quality jennets that will produce the kind of mammoth jackstock colts we want to raise...and use...and show...and go on to become breeding animals themselves to improve the American Mammoth Jackstock industry.


2006 Missouri State Fair

We are proud of the lineage of our Jennets - we have direct and personal knowledge of each of these jacks, have watched them perform, win and establish their place in improvement of American Mammoth Jackstock history.


"Face It I'm Sexy" Jenny
Ahtletic and smooth

Donkeys SOLD

Deputy Dawg - Sold

Diesel - Sold


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FABULOUS '09 Jenny

"Dallas Cowboy" Jack