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aka "No Bucking Way"

Beautiful Black with white points Sturdy Gelding - 56" tall,  14 yo - Quiet, calm, easygoing - Rides & Drives!


This is a beautiful donkey, inside & out...he is sweet, calm, easygoing.  He would be great for a novice or as a confidence building mount for someone who has had a scare with equines.  He rides gentle, is quiet in the harness. $6500.

There is a story about this donkey, we can't confirm it but it seems to fit his personality...that he had been owned by an older man and his wife, they used him up in the mountains of Colorado to pack in their supplies for camping.  After they passed away, he was found wandering, Animal Control picked him up and could not locate anyone that claimed him.  So he was put thru the auction ring, a nice lady brougt him home and I bought "Ace" from her because he just called out to me.  We took him with us at the last minute July '09 to the Great Celebration Donkey & Mule Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee to ride around.  Ace had been out in a 20 acre pasture at my parents' farm for six months prior until we went over to get him.  He was good to load and mannerly in the trailer, was quiet in his box stall at the Celebration, and I rode him several different times there, thru the barn area with all the commotion and traffic and in the Indoor Coliseum.  He was calm and behaved.  He was such a pleasant companion at the show that I put him in training to pull a cart, which he took right to, wagging his tail in happiness.  I DO believe that he was a beloved part of someone's family... I think it's a good story...

9/14/09 Update - we are just back from a great competition at the National ADMS (American Donkey & Mule Society) Show at Conroe, Texas.  At his first show, "Ace" (or his show name "No Bucking Way") was quite a successful guy!  Placed 2nd in his Walk/Trot Western Pleasure Class and 2nd in the Donkeymanship (a pattern class) ...quite a feat for his first outing at a show...much less being the Nat'l Show! 

Despite being gelded just 4 weeks before the show, he was quiet and mannerly (no braying the entire time!) and was unfazed by the people, noise, traffic, flapping flags and commotion!  I am so proud of him...he is the best of the best in "donkeydom"!

He was quiet in his stall, stood rock sold still for being saddled and mounting, walked thru the barn and into the arena as if he had been there a million times before.  He did not find anything to spook about from inside the arena and was his usual friendly character throughout the entire show...mostly wondering if what he had  done deserved a cookie or not ((yes, definitely).  We rode him in a snaffle the whole time and I felt like I was riding an animal that had already seen it all and done it all - I'm not sure if it gets any better than that!


Above photos of Ace being driven by a twelve year old girl, he's already been driven out on the road with some traffic, he's fine.

"Ace" could be a wonderful part of your family .  We can assist in helping you locate a transporter, harness, cart or driving lessons if needed.

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